Monthly Review: October

And we have made it through October. Honesty this year … well you know what I’m getting at. Time seems to have lost all meaning and even though March seems like yesterday, we are now on the countdown to the festive season. Well I sure am!

So what happened in the tenth month of the year?

Well I managed to read three books which I was really happy with number wise as I had a bit of a slump in September. I did take some comfort in the fact that the flat reading feeling appeared to be affecting not just me. I wondered if it was because of the strange circumstances of this year or whether it is general fatigue after nine months of solid reading. Anyway I read two of the four books from my October TBR Picks – Campari for Breakfast and The Parker Inheritance – which I felt was a positive. They were chosen specifically to ease me back into the habit of reading and they accomplished that well enough for me to pick up a YA fantasy book – Sorcery of Thorns. The quality was solid overall but I did have a favourite among the three. Spoilers – I am not going to tell you which one it is!

Now one thing I see a lot on BookTube is people actively managing their TBR material in the hopes that it doesn’t get out of hand (like in the hundreds of unread books!). Now I don’t want to start putting too much pressure on myself where that is concerned cause to be honest I don’t really mind if I have a few that I haven’t picked up and completed but I do have a mild interest in my actual numbers. So I thought I would start recording the general totals in my monthly reviews. I have decided to count books where I have both a digital and physical copy only once and I also won’t include library books or ordered books that have yet to arrive (they are not technically on my shelves yet). So the numbers are as follows:

  • Sarah’s Overall TBR: 50

I am totally fine with that. I generally do not hold onto books that I have already read UNLESS it’s something that I particularly enjoyed and want to read again at some stage or is part of a series that I want to keep for the sake of completeness. So come the end of November I wonder if that number will have changed much. 

And surprise surprise I also actually watched a movie: Man of Steel.

Now this movie has been the subject of a fair bit of criticism and negativity but I am going to state my opinion and that is … I really enjoyed it! One of the best superhero movies I have seen and that includes a fair few from DC’s rival Marvel. I loved his gritty interpretation of Superman’s story, his battle to find himself and what he stands for. And I think they struck pure gold with the two actors they got to play his birth and earth bound father’s – Russell Crowe and Kevin Coster. They were both awesome and Crowe especially gave the movie real warmth. I thought his delivery was just right. And of the man himself, Henry Cavill. Well, he was just perfect as the conflicted, unsure but pure of heart foundling from another world. And yes – he is very easy on the eye. I will admit I got quite emotional in several scenes. 

Ultimately I liked the way Synder presented being a superhero – messy, dirty with many hard decisions to be made. It’s such a shame that more Superman only movies have not been made following this as I am really interested in where Synder would have taken it. And no – I am not going to partake of Justice League … at least not the cinematic version released under the Joss Weadon banner. Maybe if Synder’s cut ever gets a wide release beyond HBO Max then I may give that a go but not otherwise. I mean why would I want to watch Ben Affleck as Batman when I could just watch Christian Bale in the Nolan masterpieces. 

Spoiler: The Dark Knight Rises is the greatest payoff movie ever and also one of the best Superhero movies out there. 

What else happened? Well rather excitingly for me I have got my Christmas leave sorted and I am having a rather nice two and a half weeks off over the festive season and New Year. And I have to say that I am very much looking forward to it. It will be the first extended break that I have had in a while so a big thumbs up to that and roll on the end of the year!

And that’s about it really. So I’ll say toodle pip for now and wish everyone a happy and well read November!

Lots of love xxx

(Header Image: Bich Tran)