Coming Soon: The Mousetrap

I am so excited!

In a little over two weeks I am going to see my first live theatrical play … The Mousetrap at the State Opera House in Wellington.

For those who may not know The Mousetrap is a mystery play by Agatha Christie which debuted in London’s West End and has been running continuously since then which is a record I believe.

What better way to introduce myself to this section of the arts than with a classic whodunit by the queen of crime fiction herself!

So look for a review soon.

I wonder if I can solve the mystery and detect the guilty party?


Keeping It Real

Have you ever taken a photo that you’re really happy with except for one thing that niggles away at you?

Ditto for me ….

Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand
(Image Credit: Sarah Kreig)

I took this several years ago with my trusty phone camera and I love it but for one thing.

Can you guess what it is?

Yes. Those overhead wires. How I wished for a long time that they weren’t there.

I know I could remove them with a little bit of effort and the right tool but I keep them there to remind myself of how the world in which we live is not perfect and that we should celebrate those imperfections for they are what makes our lives real and rich.