Review: Paddington 1 and 2

Ok. I am going to abandon all semblance of a balanced, in-depth and objective examination of Paddington and its sequel for a moment as I make the following announcement ….


They are the most wonderful, delightful, special and surprisingly emotional movies I have seen in a long time!

Michael Bond’s famous bear has been written and adapted to the big screen beautifully with the perfect amount of whimsy, care and love which has been built on by the director Paul King (the same for both movies). The tone, feeling, production, story … everything is superb.

And the cast … oh the cast!

Every one of the roles is perfectly filled by a dazzling array of british cinema talent.

Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent, Peter Capaldi, Brendan Gleeson are all great. Even Nicole Kidman (who I am not normally a fan of) is good. Hugh Grant is truly magnificent as Phoenix Buchanan, a somewhat faded and vain actor trying to make that great comeback.

But for me it’s Ben Whishaw as the voice of Paddington who shines supreme. He gives the character such warmth and personality that you fall in love with him from the get go and never stop loving him throughout.

And as I said earlier these movies are really very emotional.

I almost cried in the first and definitely shed tears in the second. You are so invested in wanting to care for and protect that bear that you worry and fret when things are not going his way but you also laugh and feel all the warm fuzzies when he is content and living a happy life.

Look I could go on for a long time waxing lyrical about the Paddington movies. They really are that good. Just trust me when I say that you have to see them.

Put an afternoon aside, make a cuppa, draw up your chair and open your heart to Paddington Bear.

You won’t be sorry you did.

Rating for Paddington 1: 4 stars

Rating for Paddington 2: 5 stars

(Header Image: Skitterphoto)

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