New York With A Camera

Dream destination.

Everyone has one. That city or country that they’ve always wanted to visit and explore. To immerse themselves in the spirit, mood and culture even for just a short while.

My favoured place?

New York. More specifically New York with my camera.

That’s my dream.

To travel to that great metropolis and do nothing more than wander through the famous (and not so famous) streets, parks and communities of the Big Apple taking photos of anything and everything that takes my fancy.

It doesn’t have to be a famous landmark although a pic or two of Rockefeller Centre, Central Park and the Chrysler Building would look right at home in my holiday gallery.

Honestly, for me it would be about trying to capture the smaller moments of life in the city. The people. The places they go. The things they do. How they interact with one another and their environment.

This would be a challenge for me as it’s not normally what I take pictures of but that would be part of the fun and the whole experience.

I mean I’ll probably throw in some shopping and definately some eating at as many of New York’s many restaurants and cafes as I (and my waistline) can manage because that’s what you do when in such a gastronomically famous place.

I am sure I would get many firm tips on where to find the best slice of pizza, taste the best cup of coffee and be treated to the finest bagel the city could offer.

In truth, for me, it would just be about being there and soaking in the atmosphere of that great place. A place where so many have stories have already been written by so many generations of intrepid souls and wondering how much more there is to come.

So that’s me … New York with a Camera.

My travel dream.

(Header Image: Michau0142 Ludwiczak)

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