My First Phone Number

Does anyone find that they can still remember their first phone number?

I don’t mean the number for the first phone you owned. I mean the number of the phone in your house when you were a child … yes that one all those years ago.

I can.

Which is strange because I am hopeless with numbers in pretty much any circumstance.

I couldn’t tell you any subsequent number after the first one (yes I can manage to remember my current one) or for that matter the licence plate for any car I have owned (I have had a few over the years and I am pushed hard to name my current one) and I hate maths to such a degree I gave up trying half way through my 6th form year at school.

I mean if I am not going to be a mathematician or a scientist of any description do I really need to know algebra?

I obviously decided no and that was the end of that.

But I have never had any trouble recalling those eight digits (area code inclusive).


I asked Mr Google and found the following article which I thought was really interesting:

I’m pretty sure that repeated use is NOT the answer in my case because when I had the number in question I was too young to use the phone. Any social life I had at primary school was organised by my mother and by the time that I got to the age when I did want to make better use of it our number had changed (we moved house).

I think I might have to do some more reading because I find it so fascinating and my ‘why’ still remains.

Why do certain numbers from long ago stay with us when by rights they should have drifted from our minds as the years past or been crowded out by all the other information we will have absorbed?

Drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go and brush up on trigonometry ratios and probability sets.

(Header Image: Pixabay)

3 thoughts on “My First Phone Number

  1. I too remember my first childhood phone number. I also remember my Grandmother’s and my favorite Aunt’s (all who have since passed away). Dialing those numbers meant home, the friendly voice of someone who loved me at the end of the line. ♥️

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    1. My first number was 375-079. It had a cadence that made sense to me and that I liked and the fact that it could be split into two chunks also helped me remember it I think.

      It is strange what people retain from their early years 😊.


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