The Lily Pond

I took a trip to Napier earlier in the year with the express purpose of wandering through the streets of this wonderful Art Deco city with my camera.

The weather was glorious – blue sky, not a cloud to be seen and VERY warm. I mean really face blisteringly warm.

I was up and out early and had a lovely (albeit sweaty) time snapping away, recording many of the city sights of this unique New Zealand place.

Turning down a street I happened to stumble across a gorgeous wee park with palm trees, flowers beds resplendent with blooms of many colours and a lily pond.

I managed to capture an image of the pond that I happen to love (I hope we are allowed to admit that we love our own pictures).

I feel it manages to conveys at least some of the magic of the park as well as the pond and the very peaceful feeling I had while there. It also gave me the chance to catch my breath and cool down a bit!

I took plenty of photos so I will share some more from my visit in the coming months.

Subject Photo By Sarah Kreig.

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