Eastbourne … The New Zealand Version

One of my favourite places in Wellington is the small ‘village’ of Eastbourne . It sits on the opposite side of the harbour from Wellington City proper and is simply delightful.

I used to visit there many times as a child. I loved to play in the now vanished playground (except being on the see saw with my brother) and getting an ice cream at the diary (still there) … happy days!

I love going back and wondering around with my camera, capturing new moments.

My connection to this place goes back beyond my birth as my Dad lived there for a short while as a child and has very fond memories.

It was a working class suburb then.

It’s quite the exclusive place now. I would have to win lotto if I wanted to fulfil my dream of living there some day.

I love this picture. Why?

For one thing it took me quite a while to get the shot just right. There was a road right behind me so I had to not stray too far backwards otherwise it would have been curtains for this girl so I felt quite brave balanced there on the curb.

I also adore the textural contrast of the wood, the water, the green coarse grass and the pebbles on the beach (it’s not sandy by any means). And it makes me wonder what the English version is like. In case you were not aware there is an Eastbourne in the UK and even though I don’t know for sure I would say it’s a safe bet that the former was named after the later.

But more than anything every time I look at this picture I smile, because it connects me to those fun times spent many years ago doing nothing of particular importance and having the time of my life!

Subject Photo By Sarah Kreig.

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