If You Go Down To The Woods Today …

Even though this picture was captured not far from where I live I always imagine it is anywhere but a bustling urban setting.

It is a door to another world …

My mind is filled with images of tree filled woods, sunlight trying to break through the canopy to kiss the ground below. I can almost hear the soft rustling of the leaves as a breeze moves in between the branches, creating a song of nature’s composition. The smell of the outdoors, damp, earthy and woody, tickles the nose and envelopes all.

I am alone … or am I?

What or who lives in this fantasy place?

The insects, shiny, black and fast, that scuttle from leaf to leaf, rock to rock, tree to tree. The birds that glide through the air on invisible currents, moving from light to shadow with ease. The fur covered beasts that roam on four legs, always alert for sounds and smells, those that are tucked in close and that which is far away.

This place is peace and serenity.

And then a car zooms by and I am dragged away, back to reality. I press the button and the shutter clicks again.

And I move on to the next place. The next fantasy.

Subject Photo By Sarah Kreig.

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