This gorgeous, sweet letter slot is a (sadly) no longer used feature that belongs to a family member’s house – a 1900’s villa. It’s colours have weathered by time and touch to a multi patterned dark bronze and rose, its decoration still strong, proud and beautiful.

While it may passed unnoticed, I find it absolutely fascinating and utterly romantic.

Like any object that has age to it I am often wondering about it’s history – the things, people and events it has witnessed over the years.

What happy or sad tidings has this lovely letter slot received? The birth of new generations, the long expected passing of older folk, the brutality of kin lost in war, the announcement of new families created in engagement, the breathless gushing of first love and the bitter utterances of love lost.

What changes in the local environment can it attest to? From standing alone in wide open fields and meandering dusty dirt lanes, it has beheld the eventual progression to straightened paved roads leading to more modern, differently designed homes. Despite the endless march of time the streets have remained wide and tree lined.

How many brave children have defied warning and given into the temptation of poking their small chubby fingers through its opening, hoping that they can outwit any creature that lurks on the other side?

How many families have called it theirs over the century? Has it loved them all? Did it miss them when they moved onto other pastures and places?

Did it feel sad or relived when it was retired from its duty? Did it worry about the future?

Thankfully it has remained in place, not removed or covered over, but preserved and loved, hopefully to be witness to much more history that has yet to be made.

Subject Photo By Sarah Kreig.

2 thoughts on “Letters

  1. Love how you painted the letter slot with words. It suddenly became alive. I also feel sad at times when I see vintage and old things unused. 😂 I often wonder how they were used before and how important they were during their era. I feel like they are like people at times. In the sense that like thos things, we are important at one season and forgotten the next. We just really hve to find the beauty in each season. 😄

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