Smashed Avocado

I don’t know how you feel about that mushy green fruit (yes – it is a fruit and the reason I know this is that I checked with Mr Google) but me, I love it. Wait – that needs a qualification. I love it when it is properly ripe, sliced or smashed on warm thick toast (multigrain preferable) with rock salt and pepper sprinkled over the top. Now that is a delicious feast for the tummy!  Oddly I shouldn’t really be into avocados so much due to their squishy texture. I mean I don’t like bananas for that reason but hey, no one ever said life had to balanced and logical. 

Now as yummy as ‘naked’ smashed avocado is, it can be elevated to an even higher level of delight when you add a soft poached egg which is cooked to perfection, perfection being an explosion of glorious yellow yolk when you plunge the knife in and break the delicate skin of the white. I will admit that I keep this combination stowed away for special occasions and when I feel like really indulging I will add some salmon to the plate. 

Just sit back and think about for a moment. Yeap. Gastronomic magnificence.

Now though, I can add another string to the smashed avocado bow courtesy of a lovely cafe that I frequent when visiting Auckland. The Orvieto is about 10 minutes walk from my usual accommodation which makes it very handy for that morning caffeine experience that is required to get the day started off right. Well, feeling like something more than just coffee I glanced at their breakfast menu and what did I see but smashed avocado. Decision made. On a whim of mere seconds I looked at the ‘sides’ and decided to add mushrooms. I ambled to a booth type seat (my favourite), relaxed and waited.

Now I thought they, the shrooms, would literally be on the side of the plate when my order was delivered but the clever chef placed them on top of the main attraction. Discounting the taste (as I hadn’t gotten to that yet) I thought it all looked just gorgeous and I was almost sad to destroy it all. So as is the want these days I snapped a picture for posterity and then happily proceeded to consume the fair in front of me. 

And what can I say but … totally and utterly delicious! I was in foodie heaven. The taste of the avocado and the mushrooms together (not sure what kind they were) was divine and they complemented each other well. They didn’t overpower each other which was a danger as mushrooms in particular can have a very strong taste. The dish (and by that I mean the food on it, not the actual dish) felt so good in the mouth, smooth and creamy even though I asked for the mushrooms grilled (which they were). The above was placed on two slices of toasted bread after which, when I had finished, I was full and very happy. 

I know there are some who will gag at the thought of avocado and mushrooms together, or even as separate elements, but trust me when I say they are perfectly suited to one another. If you get the chance, place that order and give it a go. Smashed avocado on bread with grilled mushrooms on top (lightly salted). If you’re lucky it will be prepared as nicely as mine were at the Orvieto.

(Image: Sarah Kreig)

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