Lonely Bench

This picture was the result of having itchy feet and wanting to get out of the house for a while. It was blowing a gale (not a new happening in Wellington) but still, I felt like getting out in the very fresh air! So I grabbed my camera, hopped in the car and headed north. I wasn’t sure where I was going and as it happened I ended up in Plimmerton, a wee suburb a short drive from Porirua.

I was just following the small road around the harbour and came across a small pull off area (is that what they are called?) and there facing the water was this lonely wooden bench. I say lonely because there was no other people around (no one else was as mad as I was). The sea was churning, the sky was grey and it was quite chilly. The bench looked forlorn with no one to keep it company.

I’m not sure what possessed me to try but I reached over, picked up my camera, rested it on the top of the steering wheel and clicked off a few shots. To my happy surprise this was one of them. I honestly had thought I wouldn’t get anything usable as I have tried to take photos through glass before and they have always turned out … well … rubbish. Reflections and glare have frustrated many a good moment. I did feel a tad bit guilty though. I got a nice image without having to pay my dues and brave the bleak weather.

I often think that even though the bench was a solitary thing that day, in the summer it would be the life of the party. Entertaining many while they ate their ice cream, or took a break from dog walking or stopped for a gulp of cool water on an afternoon amble. Such are the ups and downs of a ordinary bench.

UPDATE: This lovely bench has recently experienced a rather big down as it was uprooted from it’s perch near the water recently and made off with by some not so nice person/s. Through an article in the local paper highlighting the theft I have learnt that it was a memorial seat to a George Anderson and was put there 17 years ago after his death in 2001. A local who loved the ocean, fishing and Plimmerton his ashes were scattered over the nearby reef. As yet there is no word on the bench’s whereabouts. Let’s hope it is returned to it’s rightful spot soon.

(Image: Sarah Kreig)

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