A Succulent Day

This little lady took my fancy as I was leaving my local after my regular morning coffee and reading session and as a result I had to grab a picture. Why? Well I have been thinking of getting some greenery for my desk at work. Some of my office colleagues have desks adorned with a myriad of plant life. Some are smallish and cute, while others tend towards the large and imposing kind. What ever type though, their work space is more friendly and inviting, softer somehow. I’m sure if I asked Mr Google, I would find out that studies have been done on the benefits of more nature in the workplace.

The thing that has stopped me so far in this urban beautification plan is that I am no gardener or green thumb. I have no experience or knowledge in rearing and caring for plants or any kind. And I haven’t wanted to go through the joy of becoming a plant parent only to watch it all go south. That would be depressing and let’s face it, work is hard enough on the best of days without having to face less than healthy flora and fauna.

But the 2020 working year is already shaping up to be a challenging one in many ways, so I think I am going to take the plunge and make the place that I spend many hours every week a jollier place to be. I figure I can’t go too far wrong with a small succulent or two. I don’t have much spare space so size is important and I need something hardy. I would really love to get something that flowers with gorgeous smelling blooms but I don’t want to run before I can crawl so to speak.

So I guess I will now have to venture back to the plant nursery in a short while to gather my new children and transport them to their new home. I am hoping that we have a long and beneficial relationship together, each looking after the other in our own way. I of course shall have to name them. I will wait to see what their personalities are like before I bestow upon them an identifier. It has to suit them you know …

(Image: Sarah Kreig)

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