Why A Blog?

As we move further into the new year (and decade so I’ve heard) I have found myself looking back over 2019 and it dawned on me that this blog is about 10 months old. God – that time has gone by so fast! And things being what they are I got me to thinking ….

Why a blog? 

As I look back through the notes I made at the time it seems that I thought about this question, and many more, for several long months while I pondered whether or not to start my own blog.

What did I want to achieve?

Were my thoughts (or myself for that matter) interesting enough to populate a blog? 

Did I care if I never got beyond a handful of followers or any at all?

Did I have the technical skills to even set one up?

And so on. I mean know it’s not rocket science or anything but I had never done anything like this before so it did take a little bit of courage on my part and it meant quite a time commitment.

Obviously I made a decision in the affirmative because here I am.

So what were the answers to these deep and probing questions.

Well, ultimately I decided to go ahead as I wanted a project to work on, something to keep me occupied that had a writing aspect and the capacity to be creative which basically amounts to throwing a few of my photos up. Nothing too drastic or requiring top notch design skills because quite frankly I don’t have any!

I look on it as purely a hobby. I don’t have a business to promote and I don’t plan on trying to grow my blog that way. I just wanted a little space out there to talk about stuff that I think about, have a chat about the books I read, the films I might watch and the occasional event I might go to (a play or an exhibition … that sort of thing). I’m not concerned if I don’t set the blogging world on fire. Just so long as I am happy with what I post. If it amuses someone out there in the ether or makes someone smile then that’s awesome.

I had previously tried my hand at writing fiction but I found it wasn’t really for me (very stressful) and so gravitated towards the shorter, less formal style of a blog. I get to prattle away happily for a page and a bit about …. well … this and that and the other thing. Earth shattering stuff I know.

I did do a bit of research about what platform I wanted too use and I was lucky enough to be able to ask another blogger their advice which turned out to be very helpful. I watched some YouTube tutorial videos about how to set things up, took a deep breath, set some time aside (a full weekend for the whole process including fine tuning) and away I went.

I remember it was a bit nerve racking but I did get there in the end. 

And it turned out to be a lot of fun trying out designs, deciding on what look I wanted and customising it. Trust me – it’s not difficult. You just need to take your time. And by that I don’t mean hours, I mean weeks or even months if necessary. You have to be satisfied with it.

In saying that, one of the things that I did learn through the process of creating my blog is that don’t be afraid to change your mind as you go as your ideas (and therefore the blog) will evolve. Mine has been through several design changes in the ten months that it has been out there in the world as I have attempted to find my own personal style. And plenty of drafts have ended up in the ‘trashed’ box as I have tried to fine tune the writing which is, after all, part of the way I wish to present myself through the blog.

I have heard that retaining interest in running a blog can be hard after the excitement of the initial creation and set up passes. I think this can be the case for many creative ventures, not just blogging, but I did (just in case) get some posts written ahead of time while the creative juices were flowing to tide me over during any possible dry patches. 

I’m the kind of person that likes planning ahead and being prepared in much of what I do.

So after all that …. Yeap … more questions! Will she ever stop!

After ten months am I enjoying my blog?

Absolutely! I feel mentally stimulated and it keeps me out of trouble. 

Would I recommend it – blogging – to others?

Certainly! Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Prepare ahead of time, have a strategy and a plan, but be flexible and be prepared to change. 

Relax and enjoy the experience. You never know it might have positive spin offs.  Your horizons could broaden as you start looking for content to publish. It certainly has for me. 

So happy blogging to everyone out there who is creating content in 2020 and happy reading if you’re a visitor to my little corner of the blogging world! Thanks for stopping by!

(Image: Pixabay)

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