Trim or Skim?

I always look at this image and smile. Why I hear you ask? It’s only a latte in a glass. Well I took this to remind me of the fun (and confusion) you can have with words.

Several years ago I went to Adelaide on holiday for a week. Just on my own. After settling in I went off for a wander to get my bearings and to hunt down a nice cafe as I was hankering after some caffeine. I duly located one (which for the life of me I cannot remember it’s name) and strolled on up to place my order.

‘An extra hot trim latte please’. Blank stare from the lovely girl behind the counter. Then ‘Sorry but I don’t know what that is’. I was somewhat bemused and repeated myself. Same blank reaction this time with the words ‘We don’t serve that’. I was somewhat surprised. ‘You don’t serve latte’s?’ ‘Oh yes we serve those. Just not trim ones’. I was starting to feel like I was in a Two Ronnies sketch. I decided to press on. ‘You don’t serve coffee with low fat milk?’

It was then that what I believe is termed a lightbulb moment happened.

‘Oh yes, we serve non fat milk coffee. It’s called skim.’ All became clear. I laughed and rephrased my order. ‘An extra hot skim latte please’. Then I added so she didn’t think I was totally mad “we call in trim in New Zealand … where I’m from’.

I paid, went and found a very comfy chair, sat down, had a quiet chuckle and a think. We all know that words and how they are used are important so much so that even something as simple as ordering a coffee can be fraught with misunderstanding and amusement.

So I took a picture of the coffee when it arrived (and very yummy it was too).

So the moral of the story is … always be aware of what you say and have an open mind.

Oh and it Australia trim equals skim.

(Image: Sarah Kreig)

3 thoughts on “Trim or Skim?

  1. We have that here sometimes from coffee shop to coffee shop. I usually order a Caffè Misto, which in some coffee shops is called what the French call it, a café au lait. It’s simply half brewed coffee and half steamed milk. I don’t drink cows milk so I opt for unsweetened almond milk. But there are some coffee chains here, like Dutch Bros where every drink has a name like “The Carburetor” or “The Ninja” which, if you don’t frequent them often, has you looking at the menu board confused (and I confuse easily when in need of caffeine). Sooo frustrating!

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