If You Saw A UFO …

We all have that dream … you know …  of actually seeing a UFO or an alien when out and about minding one’s own business. No? Am I the only one then? Come on … admit that you do.

Ok. Just in case it hasn’t crossed your mind …  picture this. 

It is just you. No one else. You are driving through a lonely part of the country – a desolate back road in New Zealand, a barren rarely used highway in America or a twisty lonesome country lane in England. It is late, deep into the night, perhaps even more towards the very early hours of the following morning. The sky outside is devoid of stars and the moon is obscured. The area beyond and surrounding your car is brilliant pitch black with the only light coming from your headlights as they try in vain to penetrate and illuminate the environment . There is not another living soul, man or beast, for miles around. 

And then something to your left catches your eye. A flash of silver in the darkness. A thought races through your mind – ‘that can’t be … I must be asleep … I’m dreaming’. 

There, in a field minding its own business, is what your eyes and brain are telling you is, for want of a better phrase, an alien spaceship. It looks like all the pictures you have seen in all those many books – a round shiny disc, reasonably big, no on second thoughts very big. Just sitting there. Stationary for now. 

You break, switch off your engine quickly, cut your lights and just watch it, pondering your place in the universe. You are, in fact, so absorbed in what is going (quite a lot and not much all at the same time ) on that you forget your phone next to you so … no photos (and anyway it is so dark that any picture would come out looking like it was taken with a potato). 

The craft stays there. No one or thing comes out which, you think, would be pretty exciting. It just casually occupies the space in the field like this was an everyday occurrence. Then you notice a soft hum and a soothing rumble. What seems like a very short moment later, the craft gently lifts off the ground, ups sticks, glides into the sky and flies away. There one minute and now gone. 

You sit there in the silence and ponder for a minute, hands on the steering wheel. You’re not trembling or scared, just still. You quietly utter a ‘huh’, nod to yourself as if acknowledging the events of the past few minutes, turn on the ignition and continue on your way. 

Have you got all that? Ok. My question is this.

Would you tell anyone what you had seen?

Remember you have no evidence other than your word as to what transpired, but you are very confident (despite the late hour) that what you saw actually happened. You were not asleep and it wasn’t a figment of your imagination, because let’s face it, you left imagining behind when you went to school. 

If you were in a relationship would you trust that your (not normally suspicious) husband, wife or partner wouldn’t fall into silence, purse their lips as they tilted their head and proceeded to look at you through narrowed eyes as they said ‘… just how tired were you last night …?’

Would you trust that your gentle, open minded, thoughtfully spoken and kind parents wouldn’t slowly turn to you and say without missing a beat ‘… my dear have you gone quite mad …?’

Would you trust that your brother or sister or both wouldn’t roll their eyes into the farthest recesses of their head and say ‘… is this like when you were a kid and swore you saw Santa Claus dancing with Mrs Wilson across the street …? (This wasn’t a lie as you have pointed out over the years).

Would you trust that your reasonably intelligent, sober (at least for now) and almost well adjusted group of friends wouldn’t roar with laughter and exclaim ‘… that must have been some strong stuff you were smoking …!’

Would you trust that your upstanding, tidy and serious minded but still fun (really) co-workers at the firm wouldn’t start to cast furtive glances to one another when you enter a room and from then forward stop discussing the state of world affairs with you at the water cooler at morning tea?

Enlightening people as to this strange and singularly unique (at least in your lifetime) experience would forever change people’s perception of you and destroy your credibility … well whatever credibility you might have had. Remember, you did admit to liking, ok, falling in love with Michael Bolten when you were young (and if truth be told you are still just a bit enamoured with him especially since he dispensed with his long locks) and something like that is hard to recover from. 

Honestly – I don’t know what I would do. These things are hard to judge. 

The desire to spill your guts and say something, anything, would be very strong. People are people and we find it hard not to talk about things especially something like seeing a spacecraft in a field. I mean, in numerous locations around the world your fellow human beings are saying seemingly crazy things multiple times on a daily basis. Like what? That Pepsi is better than Coke. That pineapple on pizza is acceptable. That Colin Firth is not the best Mr Darcy ever (he is by the way). That Comic Sans is perfectly acceptable as a font … and so on.

Congratulations – you would be joining a large and eclectic group. 

Maybe alien visits are the norm and are happening all over the world as we speak … or type. Maybe all those people that have been written off over the years have been right all along. I don’t know … it’s a fun thing to ponder. 

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go and look up UFOs and alien spacecraft on the internet to see if I can identify the make and model number of the large silver disc I saw last week.

I did … honest!

(Image: Pixabay)

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