Sheep Squad

When I look at this photo the question I keep wanting to ask is when the album is going to drop! It just has that vibe. A sheep squad. I almost expect the chap or lassie in the front nod its head and say ‘how ya doing’ Joey Tribbiani style.

I wasn’t specifically looking to take any pics that day. In fact I was on my way to the Lighthouse Cinema at Pauatahanui which is literally a stone’s throw from this spot. There really is nothing much else around other than fields and a couple of businesses – a cafe maybe? It’s a lovely spot for a boutique movie theater.

It was raining a bit as well. Everything looked fresh and green. I turned around and spotted this group of handsome ovis aries (I looked that up in case you were wondering – it means sheep obviously). The way they were positioned in the paddock caught my eye so I whipped out my phone to try and get a pic. I was a bit nervous of getting too close to the fence as I didn’t want to spook and scatter them. Luckily they were quite happy to munch away while still keeping an eye on on the strange two legged creature in front of them.

Now I was conscious of the time as the movie wasn’t going to wait for me and as I had gone all that way (it’s about 10 – 15 min drive from my house on a very twisty road) I must have quite wanted to see it – I wish I could remember what it was. Perhaps it can’t have been that good if it has completely slipped from my memory. I was also getting just a bit damp so I got a wiggle on, not really paying a great deal of in depth attention to what I was managing to capture. It was only when I got home that I had a proper look and was delighted to find this one in the bunch.

I don’t really know a lot about sheep never having lived or been anywhere near a farm. There are millions of them in this country so perhaps I should educate myself a bit. They tend to have a reputation of being mindless followers but I think they have a bit of attitude and stubbornness about them which is cool. They are damn cute when lambs that for sure!

Anyway this trio made my day so a big thank you to the humble sheep for making this city girl smile.

(Image: Sarah Kreig)

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