I took these photos when I was in Auckland a couple of years ago. I had gone walking down Dominion Road and on the spur of the moment thought I would try and find as many interesting things in different colours as I could and get snaps of them. The three that made the cut were those you see here. I like to act posh and say that they are part of my colour series … ha ha!

Red came first. It is actually the handle on the door to a Chinese restaurant and it called to me from across the street. I think it’s just spectacular and so dramatic! Green came next. It had rained earlier in the day and as I passed a patch of park space I saw the droplets on the leaves. I hoped I was going to be able to do them justice and I think I did. Thanks Mother Nature! And lastly came yellow. There are many dairy’s along Dominion Road and most of them sell flowers of all kinds. At a particular one, buckets of gorgeous daffodils greeted me and I couldn’t resist the silky yellow sight.

I was hoping to find something blue but alas it wasn’t to be … that day at least.

And it got me to thinking … You can miss the little things being in a big city but there is beauty all around even on busy main roads. Sometimes it can be hard to see but if you look hard enough it will reveal itself.

That’s what I learnt that day.

(Images: Sarah Kreig)

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