Fairy Lights At Night

On my most recent trip to Auckland (right before the world entered the twilight zone and New Zealand shut up shop for a bit) I had dinner with a friend in Mt Eden. As I started on my walk home I came across these trees that had been strung with fairy lights. The time of the night was such that they positively glowed against the inky blue blackness of the sky.

I thought they looked magical with a hint of whimsy and romance. You know … as if you were sitting on a swing seat on the back porch of an old house, listening to the night songs start, the book you were reading by the single lamp now resting in your lap as you gazed out across the spacious expanse lawn in front of you at the old familiar trees that had witnessed all the years of your life thus far.

You can hear the voices of the crickets and frogs drifting to you on the warm breeze which also carries the soothing smell of your favourite blooms and the crispness of the dew beginning to form. A delicate smile forms at the corners of your mouth because you know that in but a short while your big ginger boy, now senior in years, will come padding along on his four silent feet wanting his nightly cuddles. It has become his never failing ritual and you love it just as you adore him.

And you think, no you wish, that all nights could be like this. Just peace and harmony and soothing gentle joy. You and the world co-existing happily together.

Lots of love to everyone xxx

(Image: Sarah Kreig)

2 thoughts on “Fairy Lights At Night

  1. String (faerie) lights are one of my most favorite things! I have them strung everywhere. It is just something about that soft light and your review perfectly encapsulated it! x

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