The Great Book Purge Part Two

Some of you may remember that last year I wrote a post in which I described my move to a totally electronic personal library: The Great Book Purge. I re-homed what physical books I had and shifted into a wholly ebook reading world. I was going to supplement this e-content with trips to my local community library to satisfy my need to hold a real book in my hands. All was going well until the Coronavirus reared its head. New Zealand went into lockdown and libraries across the country closed. My access to physical books was cut off which was of course right at the moment that I was struck with an overwhelming need to read a book in its traditional format. 

Oh dear. 

Now considering what else was going on in the world this is hardly an issue at all. But as is the way, when you would like something that you can’t have, that want changes to become a need (and there is a difference) that burrows its way into your consciousness and starts to creep into your every thought. It certainly did with me.

So I set about trying to ‘scratch that itch’ so to speak. After confirming that NZ books suppliers were out of action – yes even online ordering was suspended – I turned to The Book Depository as my saving grace. They were still taking orders albeit with longer delivery times. So I took the plunge …. and this is the moment that I confess to straying from my electronic library only philosophy and splurging on a not insignificant number of titles which should see me through till the end of the year I reckon (some of them are quite weighty reads – Dune anyone). 

Now I don’t see this as an abandonment of my local library. As soon as it reopens I shall be paying them a visit to scan the shelves and undoubtedly they will be the recipient of some of those Book Depository orders after I have finished with them as I fully intend to pass them on. And my commitment to my local has gone as far as replacing my eReader so that I can borrow ebooks (I will talk about that in an upcoming post). 

I plan on slowly moving back towards my goal of an electronic only library but realistically that probably won’t happen till 2021 but I am in no hurry. I want to make sure that I enjoy the titles that I have purchased and give them the undivided attention that all books deserve. 

So after a wait of about three to four weeks my hoard has started to arrive in dribs and drabs. This is probably a good thing as the postie might get annoyed at all the bigger parcels they will have to carry (many of the books are in hardback format). I am now making my way through one of the most anticipated of the titles that I ordered and I can say in all honesty, it’s wonderful to turn a paper page again. 

So let’s hope that the world of library books opens up again soon so that the whole community can participate in the joy of reading.  

Lots of Love xxx

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