Monthly Review: May

Well I thought I would try to start writing a short post at the end of each month as a sort of summary. You know the sort of thing – a general what happened, what did I read, what did I watch etc etc. The fact that I haven’t been recording the dates of when I started and finished books is not helping that part of it but I shall remedy that in the coming months but will have to make do with my bad memory for now.

So here goes for the grand old month of May!

Probably the biggest thing that happened was that after 8 weeks of working from home due to COVID, I returned to my office in the middle of the month and back to the normal routine of work. This meant goodbye to the slightly longer sleep-ins in the morning and back to the car commute. I thought it was going to be tough to readjust but in all honesty, it was fine. I am very much a morning person so I handled it ok. And I was ready to go back. While working from home was fine (and I did get a bit done), it was time to be back among my colleagues for real, not just via Zoom. Working from home was an interesting experience and one that I will have to give more in depth thought to somewhere further down the line. 

And speaking of COVID, New Zealand made great strides in eliminating the virus from the country to the point that come May 31st we had only one active case and no one in hospital. There is still a long road to go in terms of the economic consequences of the lockdown but I am hopeful that we’ll move forward as a nation together and look after one another in the process.

As far as film watching went it was a very sparse month indeed. I snuck in one documentary at the very end – Older Than Ireland – and that was all. I’m not sure why it was so bare. I think perhaps I was focussed on other things and when I did look at what was on offer, I didn’t see anything that grabbed my attention as a ‘must see’. I used to watch a lot of big commercial movies but I have found that this year, they are not holding any interest for me. I have actually been watching a lot of history shows on YouTube, one in particular called Time Team (look it up, it’s great). One weekend I did a binge and watched about seven or eight episodes in a day. It was fabulous!

With not recording dates and my memory being a bit fudgy I am going to say that I completed four books – The Deep, Shadow and Bone, Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey and The Trouble With Women – and started one that I am going to take in stages – Gideon the Ninth. For me that’s not actually too bad. In fact better than I thought. I am still waiting on all of my ordered books to arrive but I’m hoping June will be a good month filled with a good dollop of fantasy reads! Shadow and Bone definitely ranks as one of my favourite reads of the year so far (a full review will follow later).

What else? May was the last month of autumn (or fall for the Northern hemisphere folk) and it hasn’t been all that bad. We’ve had no real brutal days weather wise so far (touch wood) and in fact Auckland is on water restrictions due to the lack of rain. There is no doubt the nights have gotten colder – the electric blanket is a must as well as bed socks (my feet get cold easily ok) but it’s kinda cosy especially with the cat tucked right up next to me. She makes a great heater!

That’s about it really. Oh except … this may not seem exciting to anyone else but I have actually set up a bookcase next to my desk and for some reason, when I look over and see the spines of the books I have yet to read I get all giddy and happy. It’s the small things.

And on that note I’ll say … that was May folks! I hope you managed to keep your eyes open as I rattled on about this, that and the other thing. 

Take care and lots of love xxx

(Header Image: Sarah Kreig)

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