Monthly Review: June

Greetings everyone! Another month gone by. How did that happen? This is something that I feel like I have been asking myself constantly in 2020 and I don’t have many answers. But here we are starting the second half of the year. So what happened in June just passed.

Let’s start with some changes that I made to the blog. I have been thinking for a while of moving the focus of Sarah’s Ramblings back to mainly books and reading with a little bit of other things thrown in. In other words simplify and return to what my first love is. So as a result I will no longer be reviewing any films and documentaries that I watch. I had found that I was not really enjoying movie watching as I was always thinking about the review I would have to write once it was finished. So I decided that in order to return to the fun of movies I would take away that element of it and just watch them for leisure. And even if I was still watching films to review I would have nothing to report for June as I … well … I didn’t watch anything. I do have a week’s leave in July so maybe I can squeeze something in then perhaps?

I also wanted to create a more visual representation of what I read throughout the year so I created a page called ‘Year in Covers which is, well, what it says on the label. I have to say that I am really happy with how it turned out and will enjoy watching it grow over the months!

So what did I read this June? 

Well current events and the fact that it was Pride Month dictated much of my reading material. For Pride representation I read the comic/graphic novel Heartstopper (vol. 1) and listened to Carry On by Rainbow Rowell as an audiobook and I totally loved them both. In the case of Carry On I have actually bought a copy of the book to read at a later stage. And with the tragic events in the US that have prompted a greater consciousness regarding the issues surrounding race and racism and how we treat one another, I decided to read Well-Read Black Girl and Why I Am No Longer Talking To White People About Race. Both of these books were fascinating and eye opening for different reasons, the latter prompting me to write my longest review to this point which will appear at a future date. And I began the month with a supernatural ghost story, The Sun Down Motel. I like to add one of these into the mix every now and then just to spice things up a bit! 

I also finally got round to creating my own catalogue … well … list of all the books I own. I’m not really sure why it took me so long. Just so you know I like making lists and organising so this was actually a fun thing for me to do! 

And in general … I wanted to experience new challenges work wise so I have found a new job (similar role) with another organisation and that will start in July. So I am very excited about that. I have been in my current workplace for around 15 years or so in various different roles so it’s time to move on.

So that was me for the month. Enough to keep me out of trouble! And for the next 31 days … I hope everyone has a good July with happy moments as well as some and interesting  fun times.

Take care xxx

(Image: Sarah Kreig)

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