Monthly Review: August

Hello readers! I know I must say this every month but boy, didn’t those 31 days go by super fast! Soon it will be Christmas! Sorry – I know I shouldn’t bring the festive season up just yet even though I am sure that we’ll be seeing tinsel in stores sooner rather than later.

Anyway let’s get things moving by having a look at what I managed to read this month, and compare it to my August TBR picks. I managed to make my way through the following:

  • Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations (a graphic novel) 
  • The Bride Test (contemporary romance)
  • The Name of the Star (YA Fantasy/Supernatural)
  • Life’s A Beach (A Bookshop Girl Novel) (middle grade contemporary)

I actually managed to read all that by the end of the third week of August but slowed down a bit at the tail end, deciding I needed a bit of a break as work was super busy and I was getting quite tired. 

Two of these reads (Good Talk and The Bride Test) were on my August TBR picks list which I think is alright. Ok – I realise I had seven choices which I think was probably too many so I am going to reduce the number for September. I think it’s a matter of finding a good balance between genres, length of book mood and marrying that up to time available so as to not put too much pressure on yourself as a reader. But I’ll keep going with it and see how I get on.

Now sadly, during this month there was a COVID flare up in New Zealand centred on Auckland which saw that city go back to level 3 restrictions and the rest of the country (including my home city of Wellington) go to level 2. This meant that I spent a fortnight working from home again. Wanting something to keep the days interesting, I finally downloaded the Overdrive app and started borrowing audio material from my local library, rather than pay for them. Instead of getting audio books however I have been gorging on BBC radio dramatisations of books and I have to say I have enjoyed them immensely. The majority of them are approx. two hours long give or take, and therefore can be consumed in one sitting. The majority of what I have listed too has been Agatha Christie ‘plays’ but my favourite has to be An Unsuitable Job For A Woman by P.D James. That was an absolute cracker! I was totally engrossed by it. Seek it out if you can and have a listen. Of the Christie’s I listened to I think my favourite was The Body In The Library. It got a huge laugh from me in the first two minutes! I always enjoy the Marple ones more than the Poirot ones.

I guess the other thing of note for August is that Winter has come to an end and we are now heading into Spring. Hopefully the weather will start to get considerably warmer as a result and it’s always so lovely to see all the new blooms and baby animals! 

So that’s about it for me. September will see me heading back into the office with a mask for public transport travel and social distancing rules being observed as well as picking up my reading a bit more. I have just about finalised my September TBR picks and they will be posted shortly. I hope everyone has a good month and finds some magic in books! 

Take Care xxxx

(Header Image: Sarah Kreig)

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