My Monthly TBR Picks: October

So I have been thinking about what type of book/s I want to read in the month of October. We are getting to the business end of 2020 (what a year) and I have been feeling an overwhelming desire to read lighter, uplifting and more feel good (for want of a better phrase) stories. I don’t believe I could give the right amount of attention and concentration to anything too dense, descriptive or heavy in terms of themes and content at the moment. So, unfortunately, I am going to give SciFi, Fantasy and adult Mystery/Thrillers a rest for a bit along with serious Contemporary Literature.

As a result I have been looking through my personal library and beyond for titles that would fit the bill. And I came up with a few that I think are winners. And I have thrown in a middle grade mystery for good measure:

  • The Lido by Libby Page
  • Where’d You Go To Bernadette by Maria Semple
  • Campari for Breakfast by Sara Crowe
  • The Parker Inheritance by Varian Johnson

There is also a book project title to read but I have the end of the year to get that done so there is no rush for that one. So yeap, those are my picks. I’m happy with the October selection.

Best of luck for your upcoming month’s reading. I hope you find joy and contentment between the pages!

Lots of Love xxx

(Header Image: Dom J)

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