About Me


I’m thrilled that you found your way here to spend a bit of time in what I hope you will find nice company. I suppose I should say something about myself by way of an introduction. That’s the normal thing to do.

Well my name is Sarah (obviously) and I live in Wellington, New Zealand … yeap at the bottom of the world which can have advantages and disadvantages.

I mainly love books, history, coffee, listening to podcasts, taking pictures (I am very much an amateur although I try) and writing … well trying to cobble together coherent sentences here and there. I did try writing fiction for a brief period but found it all too stressful so I decided that it wasn’t meant to be and moved on.

My dreams? I would like to travel to far flung shores (everywhere is a long way away from New Zealand, trust me) and record my journey in pictures. Where exactly? Well … New York is the top of the list but London is a close second along with Scotland.

I also would like to visit some of the great library’s of the world if only to stand among the books and marvel. This may sound a bit weird but I also have a hankering to sit in the famous parks of the world (Central Park in NY and Hyde Park in London being my most sought after) with a nice coffee and read a good book. I think that sounds like absolute perfection.

So there you have it … a not very detailed description of me in a few sentences. Nothing earth shattering.

If you want to know why I decided to start a blog then cast your eyes over the post I wrote on it: Why A Blog?

Anyhoo … I hope you enjoy hanging out in my little tiny corner of the world! I want this to be a positive happy place for you to visit and enjoy yourselves!

PS. I don’t like posting pictures of myself so here is duck instead that I met while out walking a few years ago.

(Post Image: Sarah Kreig)

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