Book Projects

Recently I decided to spice up my book life by undertaking random projects associated with reading. Just extra things alongside my ‘normal’ (for want of better word) reading activities. Variety makes life interesting after all! And I thought it would be a great idea to have place to organise, record and, as time goes by, revisit them.

And so here we are!

Hopefully I will be able to participate in some fun book related activities that might give you, fellow reader, some inspiration. As I go on I will try to mix things up a bit but to begin with I thought I would go for something simple and uncomplicated. So let’s get this show on the road!

Sarah’s Book Project: A Story With An LGBTQI Connection

So here is my second attempt at a reading project which will hopefully be more successful than my first. I took a different tack this time and instead of focusing on length, I have targeted a particular element – that being a work that has LGBTQI input in some form. Hence the name of the project.

So the book that I’ve chosen to read is:

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee.

I will be sharing my thoughts as I progress through the book so I hope you join me on my journey through this project!

Sarah’s Big Book Reading Project – Uncompleted

Now in the past I have had trouble reading big books or books with a large page count. I would lose interest and the book would fall by the wayside. So in order ot overcome this I decided it was time to challenge myself and pick up something with a few extra pages than what I am used to.

My chosen title is: The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson.

I will talk about this challenge in more detail via individual posts that I will link to below. Now I know that this title is part of a series that, at the moment, has 3 books published but will ultimately consist of 10 volumes (!), so this might morph into another project altogether … something series related. Let’s see how we go shall we!

But for now Sarah’s Big Book Reading Project is under way!

UPDATE: I have decided to put this project on hold for a while. I really need to give this book my full attention to appreciate it’s qualities and to do it full justice and I am just not capable of doing that right now. My hardback copy is still on it’s way and I may pick it up again during the holiday season when I have more time and a clearer head space for all that high fantasy content. So don’t fret – I haven’t given up on Mr Sanderson for good. I have dipped my toe in his world and am interested to go there again soon.

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