Moments of Calm

With all the upheavals of recent times I got to thinking about the concept of calm and ended up asking myself the question – have I have experienced moments of true calm? Has there been a time when all the tensions of my world, all the feelings of discomfort and annoyance have melted away and the space that I occupied was rendered peaceful?

And I had to answer – yes.

A few years ago I went on a solo holiday to Adelaide, South Australia. Anyone who’s been there knows that it’s hot, really hot. It was my last full day there and I was doing some final exploring, walking under the relentless sun and taking in some not seen before sights. I was very tired, my feet were protesting vigorously at my continued demands of them, but I continued on as there was something I wanted to see before I left – St Peter’s Cathedral.

We duly found each other and I was very pleased to step inside out of the heat to give my head (which was beginning to pound) some respite. I wandered, took a seat and wandered some more eventually making my way to the small Lady’s Chapel situated behind the main alter. I was the only body there and it was very quiet so I took a seat and closed my eyes for a bit. It wasn’t long before beautiful coral music drifted into hearing and everything seemed to still. My mind cleared, my breathing slowed and I relaxed. It was quite wonderful. The whole environment created an atmosphere that allowed a moment of calm that I don’t think I have experienced before or since. Soothing and revitalising.

I know I could never do the moment justice but I wanted a visual reminder of my visit so I opened my eyes, looked up and captured the image above. Now whenever I look at it, I smile, and am taken back to the lovely Lady’s Chapel and remember how she made me feel and I am happy. Hopefully we’ll meet again one day.

Wishing you all your own moments of calm xxx

(Image: Sarah Kreig)