A Seasonal Poem

I have taken up walking again on the weekends after lunch now that the weather is more settled and getting much warmer. I don’t go far and at this stage I am not attempting any hills, but a thirty to forty minutes stroll in the sun is just lovely.

While out today my mind wandered up, down and all around and by the time I got home I had decided to have a look and see if I could locate one of the many poems out there about the season of renewal and new life. I was sure there had to be a vast number to choose from.

And I was right.

Now of course, strictly speaking, a poem about spring is not book related but hey, I think some lines of verse celebrating blue skies, sunshine and general happiness (for spring is about that) will be welcomed by all.

So I hope you enjoy this short but lovely piece.

Spring by David Feng.

Beautiful fresh purple flowers on a hill
Slowly moving water mill
Clumps of wet frost on the ground
Life is all around
Soft grasses pop out
Flowers sprout
Chirping birds in the woods
Weather is good
Melting mountain has begun
Frosty snow quickly runs
Bright, shiny sky is clear
Sweet, fresh, crispy smell fills the air

Published in 2018 on Family Friends Poems website.

(Header Image: Sarah Kreig on a sunny spring Saturday afternoon).