Lights! Camera! Action!

And then watch the tumbleweeds drift idly by.

Unfortunately it’s been much more of a famine than a feast regarding my movie watching exploits recently. Don’t get me wrong I like watching a good movie as much as the next person but I will admit I have been somewhat remiss. But sticking to the old adage of better late than never, I’m determined to improve upon this situation.

I’m going to try and watch a bunch more films and documentaries which I will review as I go.

What are my favourite movies I hear you ask?

Well there is a little bit of this and that: Sunset Boulevard, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Seven Year Itch and Aliens. I certainly like to mix it up!

Other thoughts on movies: Darth Vader is one of the greatest movie villains ever, Orson Wells’ first appearance in the Third Man is one of the finest screen entrances in all of movies, don’t hate me for this but I think Casablanca is overrated, Gene Kelly had it all and then some, Ghost has one of the most emotional endings in movie history (I cry without fail every time), ‘I’ll Be Right Here’ uttered as ET is about to leave breaks my heart, Hitchcock’s The Birds is damn scary and Nick Charles is the coolest cat ever!

Favourite Movie Quotes:

Joe Gilles: Hey I know you. You’re Norma Desmond. You used to be in silent pictures. You used to be big. Norma Desmond: I am big. It’s the pictures that got small.

Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Nora Charles: They say you got shot in the tabloids. Nick Charles: They never got near my tabloids.

The Thin Man (1934)

I think that’s everything.

So, lets not dilly dally about. On with the show and happy watching everyone!

Watchlist (Cinema Releases):

  • Doctor Sleep (8th Nov)
  • Anne Frank: Parallel Stories (21 Nov)
  • Knives Out (28th Nov)
  • The Dead Don’t Die (28th Nov)
  • The Biggest Little Farm (5th Dec)
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (19 Dec)
  • Jumanji: The Next Level (26th Dec)
  • The Gentlemen (Jan 2020)

2019 Viewings:

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