‘Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth’.

So says Oxford when defining food.

My thoughts? Well, food stops me (and everyone else) from being hungry. It should, if prepared well, taste delicious (but alas this is not always so).  It comes in an endless amount of varieties, flavours and combinations of which every person has different tastes and different favorites. 

What do I like?

I am very partial to Asian, namely Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese. This is what I have eaten most of from within that style of cuisine but I am very keen on trying real Korean BBQ. I haven’t found a place in Wellington that provides this option but I am always looking. Pho is very high on my ‘most tried dish’ list. 

I love pasta but I have to be very hungry to consume a plate full (so very filling) and I sit firmly in the Alfredo sauce camp especially if it comes with bacon and mushrooms. Ditto for risotto. Total heaven! I don’t mind seafood, to a point, which for me means no crustaceans so oysters, mussels and the like are out. Pizza is a YES in capitals (but I would like to sample the real kind) as well as bagels (bacon, egg and melted cheese anyone?).    

But I also get a lot of satisfaction out of a really delicious salad, Nicoise being my choice from any menu on which it features. I think the tastiest I ever had contained salmon, potatoes, beans, olives, capers, anchovies and avocado. With all those flavours you just can’t go wrong.

The one thing I don’t indulge in at all is the sweet stuff. It’s not really my thing. I will pass on dessert always. Sorry chocolate and ice cream lovers!

In Wellington we are blessed with an overabundance of places to eat. You will be able to find an example of any style that you crave somewhere in the city. Some might be harder to find than others but they should be out there. Fun fact: Wellington City Council stats say that we have almost 850 restaurants, bars and cafes for approx. 200,000 residents. That works out at one for every 240 people. To put that in perspective the figure for New York is one for every 340 people. Pretty amazing I reckon!

So as the spring and summer months roll on by and the weather warms up (hopefully … pretty please) I’m going to get out and try to sample some of the food fare on offer, not only in Wellington but any other city or town I might visit along the way. Hopefully I’ll mix it up although I’m sure I’ll return to some old favourites now and then. And that’s ok because not only should food be delicious, it should also be comforting and soothing as well as make you smile and be happy!

So off I go on my foodie adventure! Wish me luck and good fortune … and a strong stomach!

Food Thoughts:

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