Monthly Review: September

Hello readers! Well, we are hurtling towards the business end of the year – nine months down and three to go! Let’s be honest – I think for most of us 2021 can’t come quick enough. But we’re not quite there yet. 

So September. I’ll have to be honest and say that it wasn’t the best reading month for me. I started off well but stalled mid way through and ended up taking the last ten days off from reading altogether. It has been very full on at work this month and I found my energy levels when it came to reading were pretty non-existent. It could also be a case of my attention wandering to the holiday season looming big on the horizon. Whatever the reason I only read three books, two of which were novellas:

  • The Haunting of Tram Car 015
  • To Be Taught If Fortunate 
  • Invisible Women 

I enjoyed them all for varied reasons and there may even have been a 5 star read among them – no spoilers though! One was from my September TBR picks – The Haunting of Tram Car 015 – but the other two were not. That’s ok – I think my reading funk was starting to settle in and so the remaining books on the list didn’t really get a look in (through no fault of their own). Better luck next month!

I also decided to participate in some self designed reading projects. Nothing major or complicated. Just little ones with the aim of adding some variety to my reading life (see the new page – Book Projects – for information).

What I did do for the first time in what seems like forever is watch a movie – three in fact! I know – I was amazed at myself. After reading an article about the Scream franchise getting a restart I decided to watch the original Scream horror movie trilogy (I had seen them before). Yes – I know now that there is a fourth movie out, which totally passed me by, but I have put that aside for another day. It was actually a very interesting experience watching them again in the post #MeToo world. I don’t think the first one has aged that well to be honest. My feeling is that the second one held up well, the best in fact of the three, although I think the pair of killers in that are a bit weak. But it did have one genuinely tense sequence in it. And I will be honest and say I got distinctly uncomfortable watching the third for obvious reasons. The plot takes on a whole new dimension based on what has happened since it was made. I have, however, come away with a whole new appreciation of David Arquette. He is very funny and so likable. He is the warm heart of those movies.

And I managed to listen to a whole audio book, a crime mystery – The Old Deep and Dark by Ellen Hart. I got it from my Library and really enjoyed it! It certainly had me guessing to the end as to who the killer was! My audio book listening is a bit patchy at the moment. I’m hoping to get into them more in the coming months.

So that’s about it. Spring has begun and the weather’s getting warmer which is lovely. It’s nice not having to bundle up under numerous layers of clothing. And Daylight Savings has started so we get a little more time at the end of the day to do stuff – YAY! 

I hope everyone has a good month ahead and watch out for the Christmas decorations stores that will be appearing very soon! 

Lots of Love xxx

(Header Image: Bich Tran)