Solace of the Wind

Wellington is blessed with many public art works but arguably the most well known is that which stands on the waterfront gazing out over the harbour.

It is called Solace of the Wind and was created by Max Pattee in 2008.

It is two meters tall and is made of iron.

It was originally lent to the city for a year but was so popular that Wellington City Council eventually purchased it for the city’s residents and visitors to enjoy time unlimited.

As a born and bred Wellingtonian I am very glad they did.

He certainly is a handsome chap!


The Tipsy Ladies

On a recent lunchtime ramble I happened along this wonderful wee sculpture in the front garden of a local home.

The story ….. 

It belongs to and is named after three connected (terraced) old wooden villa’s dating to the 1900’s. They got their nickname after they fell into disrepair. They were on a lean, unsafe and threatened with demolition. 

Thankfully they were spared the wreaking ball and were eventually restored to a comfortably habitable condition. 

One of the current residents obviously has a sense of humour!

Just another happy tale of a part of Wellington’s history retained for current and future generations.