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Welcome to a new part of Sarah’s Ramblings that I thought was long overdue, a place where I can talk about the blog and ideas I have to make changes, improvements or talk about upcoming material, and I thought the obvious name for it was ….  Blog News. I’m hoping that this will be another fun way to communicate my passion for books, reading, libraries and of course this blog, something I started as a hobby and a way of creative expression. We all need something in our lives that fills us with joy and makes our heart feel warm. For me it is the written word telling stories and being able to celebrate all that goes along with that.

I may also include any news I find interesting from the wider book and publishing world – new releases that I am looking forward to or other things to note.

So what for the first ‘edition’?

Well, to begin with, I am currently thinking about what reading goals I might want to set for 2021. I haven’t done that before but many others do so I am giving it some real consideration. I don’t really know what form they will take and by that I mean will they be for the whole year or perhaps working in quarter is the better way to go. I am also weary of putting too much pressure on myself. I always want to maintain my enjoyment of reading for leisure and if I have goals that are too rigid then I think that will detract from that. 

But perhaps more excitingly I am in the planning stages for what I am going to post regarding the end of year wrap ups. I did something very basic but I wanted to celebrate much more this year. Lets face it, 2020 has been a hard one for everybody and I have found that reading and this blog to have been a godsend, an oasis of calm in turbulent and uncertain times. So I am making notes and will hopefully begin to start writing some content soon. So watch this space!

I am also toying with the idea of perhaps having a couple of giveaways of physical copies of books that I don’t want to hold on to. I am not quite sure how I am going to work that so I’ll see how it goes as well as some other bits and bobs that I am mulling over. 

So that’s all for now from the Blog News news desk. I hope you enjoyed this little update and I am excited to see you all here again in the future. 

Take care xxxx

(Header Image: Markus Winkler)